• Help Users Find Resources and Information.
  • Ensure Users’ Questions are Answered, 24/7.
  • Maximize the Use of Library Services.
  • Build Strong Relationships with Your Community.
  • Promote Library Services, Events, and Spaces.
  • Create, Curate, and Manage Content and Resources.
  • Efficiently Utilize Staff Time to Better Serve Users.
  • Analyze Library Statistics for Better Decision Making.

The Librarian-First Approach

Fully Customizable & Responsive

  • Customize Look & Feel to match your institution's branding.
  • Multi-lingual capability via Language Customizations.
  • Responsive design - looks great on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Accessibility & User Privacy

We are committed to ensuring that all users can enjoy the benefits of the Springshare Platform. All our public pages are designed with accessibility in mind, and we are working on making admin pages fully accessible too.

Patron privacy is critically important in a digital-first world. All patron-identifiable information is encrypted, and we conduct regular privacy audits. Local administrators can scrub and purge any patron identifiable-info at regular intervals.

The Platform For Delivering A Great Library Experience

Easy To Use For Anyone...

Deliver great online content and services for your users without the need of advanced HTML or web programming.

...And Powerful Enough For Techies

RESTful APIs, customizable widgets, bootstrap templates, and advanced scripting - customize and integrate to your hearts' content.

Cloud-Hosted & Worry-Free

Worldwide data centers provide redundancy and data security. We handle the hosting so you can focus on content and services.

Statistics for Deeper Insight

Detailed usage statistics inside every tool help you make smarter decisions about your library services and resources usage.

Promote Library Services

Provide a feature-rich online presence that exceeds users' expectations leading to an increased user engagement.

Collaborative Environment

The centerpiece of all our tools - librarians collaborating with other librarians to provide amazing service to users.

Single Account, Easy Authentication Integration

Use LibApps account connectors for a single username/login for all Springshare tools and connect them with your local authentication schemes for easy login by librarians and patrons (Shibboleth, LDAP, AD, CAS, SIP, etc.).

Extend the Platform Functionality

We provide a full set of APIs to get the data out (and put the data in) so your Springshare products become a centralized repository of your library's content and services, easily-distributed and pushed to any webpage or mobile app.

Integrate With Existing Infrastructure

Integrate the content from your Springshare tools with proxy servers (e.g. EZproxy), your Discovery Service, ILS, and other library systems. Contact Us about your integration needs and we'll help you make it happen!

Support and Community Like No Other

Our easy-to-use software tools are just the start. We back them with a customer service approach and commitment like no other in the library vendor world.

Always-On Support

We're here to help whenever you need us. Our customer support has consistently been rated as the best in the biz! We won't let you down.

Springshare Lounge User Community

The worldwide community of librarians discusses best practices and shares information and inspiration on our community sites and on the Springshare Lounge virtual community.

Unlimited Free Training

Free training webinars every week - sign up for as many as you need.

SpringyCamp Virtual User Conferences

Our twice-a-year, free, online user conferences showcase Springshare clients presenting on best practices and on using Springshare tools at their libraries.

The #librarianfirst Platform Components

Students, faculty, administrators, and the library staff rave about LibGuides, LibCal, LibAnswers, and LibAnalytics. Why? Because access to the library resources and library instruction has never been easier.

Francis KuykendallSouth Arkansas Community College

The More Tools You Use, The More You Save!

Each tool in our Platform can be used independently. Pick and choose which tools fit the needs for your library and create a customized solution built for your needs. The more Springshare tools you use, the more you save!

  • Single librarian account login for all tools in the Springshare Platform. Jump back and forth between tools easily.
  • Full integration with your organization's authentication system.
  • Highest levels of accessibility and security for your users.
  • Open design enabling easy export and content integrations.
  • Save $$ by using multiple tools.

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