Your Go-To Tool for Service Point Scheduling & Staff Management

Scheduling Made Easy

Effortlessly create schedules for staff, student workers & volunteers. Manage service point staffing with ease. Communicate with staff and improve internal workflows. LibStaffer does it all!

Key Features

  • Automatic scheduling tool utilizes each staff member's availability, maximum hours, and position
  • Staff can swap, give up, and/or split shifts
  • Track hours worked & clock in/out for shifts
  • Manage time-off requests & holiday schedules
  • Sync shifts to a personal Outlook or Google calendar
  • Org charts, staff notifications, and staff management functionality
Make Service Point Scheduling a Breeze

Flexible Scheduling Features for All Staffing Models

Efficient Staff Scheduling

Create a schedule structure that works for your library and then apply it to future weeks or months. Allow staff to update personal information, use the WFH (Work From Home) status, select favorite shifts, etc. Plus, the clock in/out feature is ideal for volunteers & student workers.

Magical Workflow Forms

Create intake forms for everything from incident reporting to job applications. Set up fully customized workflows for each form, including notifications at each stage of the workflow, required reviewers at various stages, and customizable statuses to indicate progress.

Auto Scheduler Functionality

The Auto Scheduler automagically fills in shifts based on staffer availability, approved time off, schedule conflicts, holidays, and more.

Select a date range, enable schedule limits and you’ve got the perfect schedule in just seconds!

Powerful Reporting & Analytics

Create on-demand reports with downloadable charts for immediate decision-making.
Detailed schedules reports make it easy to see hours scheduled and worked by each employee, and export for payroll processing, time clock data, and more. Use Reports & Statistics during staff evaluations too!

Outlook & GCal Integration

Never miss a shift or assignment with real-time live syncing with your favorite calendars. LibStaffer takes availability from your institution's calendar and also inserts your LibStaffer shifts into the institution calendar, so things are always in-sync and you (and your colleagues) know who is working where and when.

Widgets and Integrations

Make LibStaffer work for you by integrating it with your existing systems and websites, including LibCal. Embed information about assigned shifts and schedules into any 3rd party website. Use LibStaffer's robust API for creating native integrations with apps, websites, and more.

Ensure everyone knows when and where to work

Effortless Mobile-Friendly Schedule Communication

LibStaffer allows staff to view schedules and upcoming time off right from their smartphones.

Staff Can:
  • Receive customized email or SMS notifications with schedule and detailed shift notes.
  • Connect their schedules to Outlook/Exchange for auto-delivery right into their calendar.
  • Submit and view time-off requests on any device (tablets, smartphones, or computers).
  • Claim or swap shifts right from their smartphones.

Auto-Scheduler Takes the Work Out of Scheduling

Manually scheduling staff can be a tedious and time-consuming job that is often outdated the minute the schedule goes live. LibStaffer’s Auto Scheduler technology makes it easy to schedule staffers in just seconds.

  • Run the auto-scheduler for specified date-ranges.
  • Auto Scheduler respects time-off requests, holidays, and max hours.
  • Prevents back-to-back shift scheduling.
  • Restricts staff from working over their max hours.
  • Allows staff scheduling of 'Preferred Shifts' first.
  • Displays a detailed activity log of who was scheduled.

Streamline Staff Workflows with Workflow Forms

What makes Workflow Forms different than a regular form? They're forms with features! Create customized online forms that facilitate the entire life-cycle of the process you outline.

  • File Uploads: Perfect for job applications where you want a candidate to upload a resume, etc.
  • Routing: If a certain box is selected in the form, it gets routed to a specific staff member.
  • Stage Creation: Advance the form through stages from first looks to approvals and decisions.
  • Notes: Establish a clear audit-friendly discussion at various stages by leaving detailed notes.
You Love Statistics - it's ok, we love them too

Powerful Reporting & Scheduling Analytics

  • Reports on Scheduled and Unfilled shifts
  • Reports on Time-off Requests
  • Reports on Pending Swaps, and 'Given Up' shifts
  • Reports on Hours Worked, and Weekly averages
  • Filter reports by date, service point, or staff member
  • Time-off requests filtered by Status & Category
  • Printer-friendly and export options for reports
  • Use LibStaffer Analytics during staff evaluations

LibStaffer is an affordable tool that will solve your service point scheduling headaches and provide a great platform for staff management and communication workflows. Contact us to get examples of real-world usage and to organize a demo for you and your colleagues.