Whether you need to effortlessly create various forms and surveys to embed in your library website or build gradable quizzes and interactive, self-paced tutorials… LibWizard has your needs covered.

Tutorial Wizard - Create Engaging Interactive Tutorials

Promote 24/7 learning that occurs anywhere, on any device. Self-paced learning tutorials ensure that users walk away with a learned skill and accomplished task. With LibWizard Tutorials, students become expert library users and researchers.

Embed Live Webpages

Embed your catalog, databases, courseware tool, etc. alongside helpful instructions, quiz questions, and more. Interactively guide users to master the subject.

Promote Your LibGuides

Two-way integration makes it easy to promote LibGuides inside your LibWizard tutorials and vice versa. Make LibGuides a one-stop shop for all content.

Insert Multimedia Content

Our content builder helps you better engage users with a variety of interactive media options. Embed streaming videos, text, PDF, images, widgets, and more.

Provide Instant Feedback

Share explanations on correct & incorrect responses so users can assess their knowledge as they progress through content.

Plethora of Question Types

Fourteen question options ranging from single line-text, multi-line feedback, checkboxes, rating, file upload, and more!

Security & Sharing Options

Password-protect your tutorials and optionally limit visibility to specific date-ranges. Optionally encrypt responses in the database.

Quiz Wizard - Build Self-Paced Quizzes

Meet your formative assessment goals and pair quizzes with instruction efforts. Quickly and easily assess learning and gain immediate insight into user understanding. Instant feedback options allow users to immediately see if their actions meet the target.

Save Time with Automated Grading

Designate the correct answer for each question and the system will automatically grade each new entry. We'll even email you the results!

Timers & Page Controls

Set a time limit for finishing the quiz and control access to the previous button.

Advanced Reporting

Highlight correct and incorrect answers, customize the columns that display, filter the results, and drill down to individual quiz submissions.

Form Wizard - Create and Manage Forms

Streamline workflows and route all internal and external feedback into one form management area. Create an unlimited number of forms and gather an unlimited number of responses. Bottom line: ask all the questions you want, to get the data you need.

  • Predefine field types for input control.
  • Skip logic and if-then handling.
  • Email submissions to designated users.
  • Mobile-friendly so users can fill out forms on mobile devices.
  • Spam Control features built-in.
  • APIs help advanced users with task automation.
  • Question bank for reusing form elements.

Survey Wizard - Gathering Feedback Has Never Been Easier

Surveying users is the heart of any customer-centric organization. Use the Survey Wizard to quickly create surveys and gather invaluable feedback.

Reusability Options

Quickly build surveys by pulling questions from an admin-controlled question bank. Additionally reuse any question from any form, survey, quiz, or tutorial – system-wide.

Branching & Skip Logic

Set up your survey to reveal specific questions based on answers that a patron provides. Ensure a strong response rate and hide irrelevant questions, keeping your users engaged.

Welcome and Thank You Screens

Dedicated Welcome and Thank You screens enable you to customize surveys and provide additional information to the survey takers.

Encrypt User Responses

Optionally encrypt user responses and store securely in the database. All survey content and responses are transmitted using the https secure protocol.

Advanced Real-Time Reporting And Analysis

All four LibWizard components feature advanced statistics and analysis tools enabling you to quickly sort and categorize patron submissions.

  • Advanced filtering options to slice and dice your submission data.
  • Filter by date to see all results from a specified time-period.
  • Download beautiful charts and graphs for reports.
  • Create and save visual charts on your field questions.
  • Run cross-variable analysis with integrated cross-tab reporting.
  • Export all data to Excel via CSV format.
  • Optionally collect user IP, referrer URL, and browser data.
  • Auto-grading functionality for Quiz reports.

Springshare's flexibility in meeting needs of a variety of populations and bridging service failure areas…plus being able to bet on and try ideas instantly, creates an agile environment.

Rhonda K. KitchensState College of Florida

LibWizard Integrates Seamlessly with Springshare Platform

  • Insert LibWizard created forms into your LibGuides or LibGuides CMS powered website.
  • Send satisfaction surveys automatically with LibAnswers tickets and user interactions.
  • Follow up with users who attended LibCal Events and email post-event surveys and feedback.
  • Embed Quizzes and Assessments inside LibGuides for an integrated Information Literacy approach.
  • Associate LibWizard surveys with LibCRM user profiles for a deeper insight into your user's preferences and feedback.