E-Reserves & Document Management

Manage reserves, reading lists, and other documents and share them with authorized users in a safe and secure manner.

Course Reserves w/ LTI Integration

The E-Reserves module allows you to manage electronic reserves content within LibGuides. Not only will LibGuides provide your students with an easy-to-use interface for browsing and searching your course materials, but you can also integrate your e-reserves content within your guides and even your learning management system (LMS)!

Key Features

  • Create and manage a wide array of e-reserve items directly within your LibGuides site
  • Upload your own documents or link to documents in your existing databases
  • Organize content by course and term
  • Manage copyright and restrict access to course content
  • Integrate e-reserves into your courseware tool
Fully Featured Course Reserves Management

Everything You Need, Right in One Place

Discoverable Content

Multiple search filters allow students to locate reserves by course name, number, professor, term, or subject category. Embeddable widgets can be shared on any blog, webpage, or wiki for easy access.

Organization by Course

Securely upload, store, and organize a variety of document types including PDFs, PowerPoints, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and more. Content can be organized into folders for easy access and navigation.

Courseware Integration

Add relevant e-reserves to specific LibGuides or embed e-reserves directly into any LTI-compliant courseware tool. Customize pages by adding point-of-need help, related guides, or Ask a Librarian references.

Custom Request Forms

Built-in E-Reserves form allows faculty to request items be added to their courses. All requests are managed within the system and approved items are auto-populated, reducing the need for emails or paper slips.

Flexible Access Controls

Use password protection and IP-restriction to limit access to specific courses or items. Automated visibility controls ensure that course content is only accessible when you want it to be.

Copyright Management

Communicate copyright with customizable copyright statements that appear at the bottom of every E-Reserves course so users are always aware of institutional policies. Tag e-reserve items with custom notes like 'Public Domain' or 'Permission Paid'.

Ensure library content is present inside LMS

Display Course Reserves Inside Courseware

Organize Reserves by Course or Instructor

To mimic the organization of course pages inside courseware tools, the E-Reserves content is organized and indexed by relevant course pages and instructors' last names.

LTI Connector for Courseware Linking

Our tools are LTI certified so embedding relevant reserves content inside course pages is a breeze. Students get access to reserve items right at the point of need.

Additional Access Controls

Optionally, further restrict access to reserve materials via course passwords, document passwords, or individual IP safelist controls.

You Love Statistics - it's ok, we love them too

Powerful Reporting & Statistics On Reserves Use

Our statistics reports provide a valuable insight into how reserves materials are being used, even down to an individual document level. Compare reserves usage from quarter to quarter, and provide tangible proof to faculty about the usage of reserve materials for their courses.

Our E-Reserves module is a cost-effective tool that makes it easy to upload documents and make them available inside courseware pages, too. We'd love to share more info, examples of real-world usage, and organize a demo for you and your colleagues.