The Smart Stapler for Libraries

That's right, Springshare, your favorite purveyor of library focused web applications is moving into the physical realm with LibStapler, the stapler that not only staples but provides all the great features, statistics, and support you expect from a Springshare product.

Optional Modules

  • Card swipe: Make sure every staple is paid for.
  • Keypad: Assure responsible staple users with LDAP authenticated lockdown.
  • RFID: Get rid of annoying chains and strings; your stapler will never be stolen again.

Hear what our customers have to say:

  • "Before LibStapler, our library was a war zone of rival stapling factions, and our librarians feared for their lives. LibStapler has restored peace and order. Get it!"
  • "With LibStapler, our hostage negotiation needs have virtually disappeared. Thanks LibStapler!"


LibCal Calendaring Functionality


Log into your stapler's web interface to see how many staples are used, how many unique staple users, etc.

SMS interaction

Get texts when your stapler is low on staples, get texts when the stapler breaks down. Be on the scene before your patrons even complain.


When the stapler breaks down you can view its profile on the LibStapler website to see what's wrong and what you can do to fix it.

Built-in Security Cam

Catch that person trying to staple more than 20 pages at a time in the act, with the built-in camera.