Effortlessly Create Staff Schedules and Manage Student Workers & Volunteers.

It's About Time...

...saving time and saving money. LibStaffer is your one-stop shop for staff and service point scheduling. Stop relying on spreadsheets and spending countless hours manually creating schedules. LibStaffer makes it easy and lets you click those spreadsheets to the curb.

  • Create and manage staff schedules
  • Enable shift swapping
  • Monitor time-off requests
  • Auto-scheduler functionality
  • Manage overtime and max/min hours for staff
  • Compile statistics with one-click reporting

Scheduling is a Mess. LibStaffer to the Rescue!

What Can LibStaffer Do For Me?

Scheduling can be a challenge. You’re juggling multiple service points with different staffing needs and duties. Throw in various restrictions and limitations on who can work when and for how long. You’re trying to meet the needs of the schedule while keeping all staffers happy. LibStaffer takes the hard work out of staffing and scheduling, freeing you up to do more important things at your library.

  • Schedule any number of service points / staff at your library
  • Organize multiple schedules in one place
  • Prevent double booking staff for multiple shifts at once
  • Restrict staff from working over their max hours allotment – including across service points
  • Distinguish shifts by hours and/or by task. I.e., scheduling IM reference and live reference
  • Add shift notes and assignments to remind staff which tasks need doing during that time
  • Communicate any shift/service changes quickly and easily
  • ... and so much more
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