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Fully-Featured, Yet Easy to Use Web Publishing. Effortlessly Create Useful Content.

Everything You Need for Easy Publishing of Information

We designed LibGuides so that no technical knowledge is needed to publish useful content. Librarians of any skill level can use the system right out of the box and create content-rich guides. More tech-savvy librarians can use our advanced features such as APIs or widget builders to mix and match content on the fly.

Point & Click Interface
Point & Click Interface

Whether you’re adding content, editing guides, uploading files, creating slideshows… everything in LibGuides is Point & Click.

Librarian Profile Boxes
Librarian Profile Boxes

Create customizable profiles to connect librarians with users at point of need, so patrons get the help they need when they need it.

Easily Embed Multimedia
Easily Embed Multimedia

Make your guides attractive by easily creating an image slideshow, embedding videos or creating tabbed boxes.

Twitter, Facebook, & Social
Twitter, Facebook, & Social

Post guide updates on Twitter, and make your guides available on Facebook and any other social media sites.

Reuse Linked Content
Reuse Linked Content

Add something once, and reuse it as often as you’d like. Update the original and it will update linked copies everywhere.

Post To LibGuides Browser Button
"Post to LibGuides" Browser Button

Add content to your guides from anywhere with our browser button. The system is also integrated into the LibX Toolbar.

Email Alerts/RSS Updates
Email Alerts/RSS Updates

Keep patrons informed and up-to-date with email alerts and RSS updates - by content area, author, or tags/keywords.

ADA Compliant Design
ADA-Compliant Design

LibGuides provides alternative pages for screen readers and hidden skip-to-navigation links for patrons using adaptive technologies.

Customizable Look & Feel, Responsive Mobile-Friendly Design

With LibGuides, each institution gets a customized hosted site with their own domain. The system has the look and feel of your institution's web presence so moving between LibGuides and your library's website is a seamless experience.

Fully Customize Look & Feel

Local Administrators can customize the system fully - everything from colors, banners, to full templates. The LibGuides system can be made to look exactly like you want it. Here are several beautiful examples of awesome system customizations created by LibGuides clients.

Responsive Out of the Box

LibGuides uses the Bootstrap responsive web framework. This means your system is going to display beautifully no matter the device – desktops, ultrabooks, netpads, tablets and smartphones. LibGuides handles them all so you won’t have to.

Make Your (work)Life Easier – Share & Reuse Content

Any piece of content in LibGuides (a link, file, box, page or a guide) is reusable and shareable. This means you can:

  • Create reusable LibGuides templates
  • Build shareable content pieces like a Catalog Search box or a list of Database links
  • Easily maintain all your resources! Updating the original cascades those updates to any other place it’s been reused.
  • Use LibGuides Widgets and API to share and reuse this content even outside of your LibGuides system.

You can also share and reuse content within the LibGuides community and access over 400,000 published guides by Librarians worldwide, to use as templates and inspiration.

"I love LibGuides. It gives us a simple, customizable framework to build our research guides that doesn't take an experienced web designer to use. It makes it easy and efficient to build new guides and update old ones, and it's easy to train new librarians and staff to use"
Jason Puckett
Georgia State University
Springshare Client Since 2008

Easy Maintenance, Limitless Potential

You're a busy bee, we know it. That's why made it so easy to maintain your LibGuides content and to ensure your patrons have up-to-date information - about your guides, about you and your staff... and about the entire library!

Built-in Link Checker

LibGuides' built-in Link Checker automatically checks all external links in your guides on a weekly basis, and presents an actionable Link Checker report. This means you don't have to worry about your users uncovering broken or expired links.

Custom Staff Profile Pages

Every LibGuides account holder customizes their own profile page. These profiles pages can be branded and fully customized to serve as a professional "contact page" for librarians.

A-Z Database Management

Create an A-Z list of databases, recommended websites, relevant e-journals... Associate custom icons with A-Z resources. With our proxy management you can prepend proxy URLs with just a click of a button. You can also manage trial databases, and make individual databases as "Best Bets" for any given subject.

Detailed Usage Statistics and Reporting Capabilities

We know you love Statistics. Who doesn't, right? LibGuides provides a full set of statistics reports so you can see how your guides are being used. And used they will be - tens of millions of guide views per month in our community prove that patrons love LibGuides and find them very useful.

Gain real-time insight into your system usage, how much content you have in the system, how many guides, how popular the guides are, etc. Our System Summary report provides an overview of the types of content in your LibGuides system. In addition, all statistics reports in LibGuides are also available for download in Excel format.

Drill down to individual guide reports to see how many times your guide has been accessed each month and to track the usage of individual links within your guides. LibGuides produces thorough reports - just as you'd expect them to be!

LibGuides CMS offers even more statistics, such as # of user sessions, browser and OS breakdown, detailed mobile statistics, etc.

Fully Hosted, Backed by Legendary Support

LibGuides is a hosted platform, so we take care of all server and infrastructure hosting for you. You simply login and create & share content with your community. Combined with our legendary support, LibGuides is an easy choice for your web publishing needs.

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