FAQ on Impact to Library Customers re: Springshare's Acquisition of Patron Point

We are incredibly excited about joining forces with Patron Point to deliver best-in-class marketing automation and engagement software to libraries. Here is the press release on this acquisition. The information below answers some common questions that Patron Point and Springshare customers might have. Please do not hesitate to send any other questions to info@springshare.com and we'll respond asap.
I’m a current Patron Point customer. What is going to change?

Nothing will change except you’ll have the added benefits of closer integration with Springshare products and additional functionality inside Patron Point software (stay tuned for those details). Patron Point will be an independent public-libraries-focused brand under Springshare's corporate umbrella. The Patron Point team remains as-is, and will continue to be led by its current management team. Your account contacts, sales contacts, tech contacts etc. remain the same.

Our library is potentially looking at subscribing to Patron Point. How will this affect our decision?

If anything, you should feel more confident in your decision as Patron Point will have the backing of the global resources of Springshare, including its expertise in data privacy, cyber security, award-winning support workflows & community building. We are very confident that under Springshare ownership the Patron Point software and the Patron Point brand will shine even brighter and will further cement its reputation as the go-to marketing automation and engagement platform for public libraries.

I am a Patron Point customer currently integrating with non-Springshare software for event management and/or other uses. Will my API access to these other tools be affected?

No. Both Springshare and Patron Point will continue working with current vendor partners to ensure open access to data and easy integrations with any software platform that our client libraries use.

I am a current Springshare customer. How does this acquisition affect me?

There will be no impact to your use of Springshare tools. Your Springshare contacts remain the same. If you are a public library and would like to explore Patron Point, please contact us . We’d love to show you the Patron Point platform and its capabilities, and share our near-term integration plans between Patron Point and Springshare. We're also planning to adapt the Patron Point platform to be used by academic, special, and school libraries for marketing automation and engagement. We'll be sure to keep you updated on these plans in the months to come. Exciting times!

How will Patron Point and Springshare tools be integrated?

Our plan is to have a full integration of key modules of Springshare with the Patron Point platform. We’ll start with integrating event management and equipment lending, then form builder and feedback modules, and move from there. We’ll be updating you regularly on the integration progress via existing communication channels (both Springshare's and Patron Point's customer communications). As always, customer suggestions and ideas are most welcome so let’s make this a two-way conversation - email us your ideas to info@springshare.com or reach out to your existing Patron Point or Springshare account managers/contacts and share your thoughts.

Will Springshare rename Patron Point into LibPatron or will it be LibPoint?

Hmmm decisions, decisions. Just when we thought we settled the "Lib vs Libe" pronunciation for LibGuides, now we're throwing another monkey wrench your way. Just kidding... there will be no changes to the Patron Point name!