• Compile Librarian-curated Resources for Each Grade.
  • Expand the Library's Presence Outside the Physical Walls.
  • Promote Collaboration with Teachers, Parents, and Administrators.
  • Become an Embedded Librarian…Literally.
  • Assess Student Learning & Gather Feedback.
  • Prepare Students for College-level Research.

Solo Librarian, We Hear You

Easy to Use

Build LibGuides, LibAnswers FAQs, and LibWizard tutorials and embed any media / widgets with our point & click interface. No advanced HTML or programming knowledge is required to create beautiful and engaging content.

Easy to Share

Search Engine Optimization combined with robust sharing features make it easy for students to find your content. Plus, benefit from our enthusiastic community members sharing their best practices and knowledge.

Easy to Update

Make use of robust search & replace tools in LibGuides and LibAnswers. An auto-running link checker checks for broken links in your LibGuides and LibAnswers systems and displays an actionable report.

Easy to Stay Ahead

Attend free training webinars or watch recordings at your convenience. Attend our free virtual user conference, SpringyCamp, and learn from other librarians around the world. Our best-in-market support is always there for you - so you’re never alone.

Expand the Library’s Presence & Boost Usage

  • Increase Usage of Your Resources. Create point-of-need research & class LibGuides. Students become aware of library resources and hone their information literacy skills to boot. Plus, class-specific LibGuides let you promote individual books/ebooks, databases, and more.
  • Increase Usage of Your Services. Reduce library anxiety and promote your 'Ask a Librarian' services with LibAnswers. Parents, Students, and Teachers can search your FAQs, email you questions, and more. Forget about mining your inbox, you'll see the full thread of interactions right inside of LibAnswers.
  • Increase Usage of Your Space with LibCal. Your students need to find, and reserve, study rooms and library equipment like iPads, Laptops, Cameras, and more for their projects. Create an attractive browseable room and equipment catalog and connect your resources to their needs.

Create a Beautiful & User-Friendly Databases A-Z Page

Stress-Free from A to Z

Create an A-Z list of databases, recommended websites, etc. Manage trial databases, apply logos, highlight "Best Bet" databases for any given subject. Reuse databases right inside your course and subject guides for easy maintenance.

Easy for Students, Too

Students and teachers can easily search A-Z list and find relevant databases. They can filter on Databases by subject or type. Sorting by subject displays "Best Bets" first, a great way to highlight subject specialty. Students can email themselves the database link – right from your A-Z page.

Collaborate & Communicate with Teachers

  • Build Valuable Content…Together. Give teachers special access so that you can build LibGuides together to create content tailored to their courses and to educational standards for their grade.
  • Schedule Library Instruction. Use the LibCal appointment scheduler to schedule in-class information literacy instruction with teachers. LibCal statistics show the value of the librarian and the frequency of in-class teaching sessions.
  • Embed More Than Just LibGuides, Embed the Library. Work with teachers and design LibWizard interactive tutorials with built-in quizzing and assessment. Natively embed Library resources inside Courseware (Schoology, Moodle, Desire2Learn, Blackboard, etc.) with our LTI tool.

LibGuides is one of the most flexible platforms I use. Not only can it do almost anything, the interface is so intuitive that anyone can skillfully use it. I've taught many folks at my school how to use LibGuides for their course-pages, project descriptions, photo galleries, and more! Plus working with the folks at Springshare is always a pleasure!

Trevor Calvert, Library DirectorMarin Academy

Assess Student Learning & Gather Feedback

Supplement Instruction Efforts

Student learning can take place anywhere. Build self-grading timed quizzes with LibWizard and assess learning with real-time feedback. Quizzes can include helpful ‘if wrong’ messages to gently guide students towards the correct answers.

Build Self-Paced Learning Tutorials

Digital natives employ a variety of learning styles. Easily create self-paced tutorials with interactive content in LibWizard. Integrate live media, interactive webpages, and embedded LibGuides to meet their educational needs.

Create Forms & Gather Feedback

Use LibWizard to create interactive Forms and build feedback Surveys and gather invaluable data on library satisfaction, instruction session feedback, and more. Distribute forms and surveys via widgets or email.

Provide Help…Even When You’re Not There

It’s 9pm, And They Need Help

Students need help, even when you’re not open. Increase visibility, and usage, of library resources. Create searchable LibAnswers FAQs for students, teachers, and parents so they can get answers to their questions - 24/7 on their smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Embed FAQs right inside LibGuides, the library website, and even inside their courseware tool. They'll have easy access to your knowledge literally at their fingertips – right when they need it the most

Reminders of What They Learned

Instruction sessions can be overwhelming. Students can easily forget the invaluable resources you showed them when they go home to do their work. Class-specific LibGuides store all the resources they need for that class or assignment in one place. So even if they forget what you showed them, they'll remember to look at the LibGuide.

Demonstrate The Value Of The Library To Community

With detailed usage statistics, show administrators all the great stuff you’re doing to help students and teachers. Our tools deliver what you need to impress your stakeholders about the value of the library.

  • LibGuides stats demonstrate how your content is being used.
  • A-Z Databases stats in LibGuides show which databases are the most popular.
  • LibAnswers FAQ, email, and social media statistics provide the most complete reference metrics available.
  • LibCal's appointment statistics and room/equipment bookings show the value of the librarians and the library's spaces and equipment.
  • Use LibInsight interactive dashboards to create a visual story of your library's statistics.

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