LibGuides CMS expands the functionality of base LibGuides to give libraries a comprehensive, easy-to-use content management platform. Its flexibility makes LibGuides CMS an ideal solution for many use cases within your organization.

  • Manage Large Amounts of Content.
  • Power Library Websites.
  • Build a Cloud-based Staff Intranet.
  • Integrate Library Resources in Courseware.
  • Showcase Exhibits, Archives, and Special Collections.
  • Facilitate Cross-Department Collaboration.

Get Your Group On!

Improve site organization, showcase exhibits and departments, create a staff intranet, streamline site setup and maintenance, and create targeted customizations using LibGuides CMS Groups. System Administrators, rejoice!

Look & Feel

Customize the look & feel of each group, independently - everything from headers & footers to banners & box colors and shapes. Create independent mini-sites with their own identities, under one common platform umbrella.

Access Controls

Define who can access which group, with full access controls at the group level including passwords and IP restrictions. Connect users via LibAuth to your authentication system for automatic access control mechanisms based on various user roles.

User Permissions

Define which users can do what inside each Group. It's a great way to fine-tune user permissions inside your CMS platform and ensure that the right people can edit the right content, without worrying about overwrites and mixups.

Unlimited Templates

Create as many templates as needed and apply them to groups, or let users pick any one of the group-specific templates.

Security & Protection For Your Content

IP Restrictions

Restrict access at the system level, group level, or for individual guides. Route users through your LDAP, ADFS, CAS, Shibboleth, or SIP2 authentication layer.

Password Protection

Password-protect individual guides and entire groups. Useful for sharing copyright-restricted content, 'eyes-only' content, or content intended for special groups.

Secure Document Access

Secure file storage ensures that access can only happen as defined. Optionally password-protect documents for another layer of security.

Granular Account Permissions

Define account-specific permissions and even create a ‘login-required’ group for your staff intranet, where access is fine-tuned for each user.

Publishing Controls & Write APIs

Make LibGuides CMS your content publishing platform and repository for the entire organization. With Publishing Controls, admins can review and approve any content before it's published. The Write APIs enable your technical stuff to automatically update LibGuides content at scale.

With these advanced publishing and content updating controls, LibGuides CMS is a true repository of librarian-generated content. You can then use widgets, feeds, indexing, and APIs to make this content fully distributed and available anywhere and everywhere.

LibGuides is one of the most flexible platforms I use. Not only can it do almost anything, the interface is so intuitive that anyone can skillfully use it. I've taught many folks at my school how to use LibGuides for their course-pages, project descriptions, photo galleries, and more! Plus working with the folks at Springshare is always a pleasure!

Trevor Calvert, Library DirectorMarin Academy

Embed Library Resources Inside Courseware

Our LibGuides CMS LTI tool enables you to offer tailored, subject-specific resources natively, inside your Blackboard, Moodle, Sakai, Canvas, Desire2Learn, and other LTI-compliant courseware tools. Embed subject-specific and course-specific resources into your courseware, at scale!

Subject-Specific Guides & Databases

The system automatically matches relevant metadata and displays guides and A-Z databases related to the subject and course the student is accessing.

Point of Need Reference Help

The LTI module in LibGuides CMS enables you to automatically embed LibChat and LibAnswers widgets inside courseware, so students can get help from librarians at the point of need, whenever they need it.

Subject Expert Librarians

Promote the expertise and knowledge of your subject librarians. The LTI tool displays the profiles of relevant subject librarians right inside courseware pages.

Study Rooms & Consultation Bookings

Embed LibCal booking widgets inside the LTI module and your students can book study rooms or research consultations with their subject librarian - all from within the courseware system.

Discussion Boards for Collaboration & Feedback

Collaboration with colleagues at work often takes place over email. Conversations are hard to find, are easily lost, and can go on and on. Final decisions can be hard to, well, finalize. Get out of the email rut and keep your discussions contextual with internal discussion boards that are searchable and tag-filterable.

Start a Public Forum Public discussion boards allow you to engage with your community right in your site, with a system-wide board for general conversation and discussion boards on individual guides.

Detailed Statistics Which Go Above And Beyond

LibGuides CMS builds upon the LibGuides' statistical package and provides additional statistics which give you detailed insight into how your content is being used and by whom.

  • LTI Statistics show how library content is used within courseware.
  • Statistics on browser use, number of sessions, and search terms.
  • Combine with Google Analytics for additional insight.
  • Export statistics to LibInsight or any other platform.

Plug & Play Integrations With Other Tools

LibGuides plays nice with others. Integrate LibGuides content into any other web-based system, and the other way around. Use additional tools from our #librarianfirst platform and super charge your LibGuides experience!

  • Embed LibAnswers/LibChat widgets on every page, so your reference librarians are only one click away.
  • Integrate LibWizard quizzes and assessments to test the patron's grasp of the LibGuide subject matter.
  • Embed Surveys and Forms from LibWizard inside any LibGuides page.
  • Springshare's E-Reserves module fully integrated so students can find E-Reserve items inside course guides.
  • Unified LibGuides search shows the results from your LibAnswers system and any matching events from LibCal.
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