Customer Spotlight: University of Notre Dame Australia

With six libraries located on three different campuses across the country, the University of Notre Dame Australia needs to fit many moving parts together. Over the last few years, their central Digital Services Unit has been assigned the task of finding: a robust content management system for their library website; a platform for creating and maintaining subject guides; an FAQ for students, faculty and staff; an internal knowledge base; and a solution for managing room-booking. By combining Springshare's products, they've found all of the pieces to the puzzle - and they fit together seamlessly.

In 2009, the University Library decided to purchase two instances of LibGuides; one to host their library website, and one to host their subject guides. Alison Gowers, Website Administrator, writes that "this has worked extremely well - we can create guides that are relevant to all libraries (e.g. Referencing, External Students, EndNote), while the other site allows Subject Liaison Librarians to manage the subject-specific material they know best." Alison also spoke about the statistics module - noting that it allows them to see how and why people use their sites, and that this, in turn, makes it easier for them to modify and improve the site for their users.

The University Library also has two subscriptions to LibAnswers. One site serves as a Q & A service for students, faculty and staff. The second subscription is for library staff, and as such, is IP-restricted so that it can only be accessed on campus. The Digital Services Unit uses LibAnswers as a clearinghouse for all incoming support queries, as well to provide procedural information for all library staff.

The most recent addition to their digital toolkit is LibCal. Alison tells us that LibCal has already been rolled out to the three libraries on the Fremantle campus, and they're looking to introduce LibCal to the Sydney campus later this year. The room booking function is getting kudos already. "The amount of library staff time saved due to university students and staff being able to book rooms themselves is wonderful," Alison writes. "We implemented LibCal in mid-September of last year; in the three months before the winter holidays, we saw over 2800 confirmed bookings. This equates to 30 room bookings per DAY!"

Wow! Thanks for speaking with us, Alison - it sounds like the University Library is a well-oiled machine, and we're delighted that Springshare tools help things run smoothly!

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