European Server Move:

On Sunday, April 9, 2017 at 8pm U.S. EDT we will move our European clients to our European servers, located in Ireland (AWS Ireland facility). If you are located in Canada, Australia, or Asia, we ask that you wait until we announce the servers in your region, since moving from a U.S. server to another is a one-time move. See our FAQs below for more information.

The move includes all Springshare v2 apps - LibGuides v2, E-Reserves v2, LibAnswers v2, LibCal v2 with Equipment Booking, LibStaffer, LibWizard, LibInsight, and LibCRM. Once you move to this new cluster, all of your Springshare tools (current and future) are located there.

URL Check - Super Important:

We have preselected the list of sites are being moved on April 9, based on the demographic/location data that system admins have entered in System Settings inside Springshare v2 apps (hint - if you're in Europe, you should be on the list already).

Use the URL check below (enter any of your v2 app URLs) to ensure that your location data is accurate and to confirm whether you are/are not included in the migration. You can opt-in (if you're not on the list) or opt-out (if you want to stay on U.S. servers) after you run the check.

URL Examples:

Only enter the beginning of the URL, until the first slash (i.e., enter, not


Frequently Asked Questions: