LibStaffer Features

Managing staff and service points schedules used to be a chore. Not anymore!

Staff Scheduling Made Easy

Point-and-click scheduling for staff, student employees, volunteers, or anyone else.

  • Auto-Schedule staff option
  • Set up preferred 'Favorite' shifts
  • Define max hours and crosscheck across all service points
  • Require minimum number of staff to a shift
  • Add assigned duties via shift notes
  • Feed schedules into iCal, Outlook, Google Calendars, etc.
  • Email schedules to staff right from inside the system

Easy Shift Swapping and Easier Time Off Management

Staff can easily request and accept shift swaps. LibStaffer also has built-in time off requests/management.

  • Allow automatic or admin-approved swapping
  • Enforce max hours with swapping to control overtime
  • Search for shifts to swap by timeframe, shift name or staff
  • Submit a time-off request with detailed notes
  • Auto-accept requests or require admin approval

Auto-Scheduler To The Rescue

You've got to see it to believe it! Auto-scheduler automatically assigns staff to shifts. It respects ‘Favorited’ shifts, Time-Off requests and weekly/monthly max hours. Save your valuable time and effort and put Auto-scheduler to work for you.

  • Assigns staff to ‘Favorited’ shifts first
  • Handles potential shift conflicts across schedules
  • Juggles weekly/monthly maximum hours with ease
  • Respects Time-Off requests

Clear & Effortless Schedule Communication

Staff can view schedules and upcoming time off by list or timeline, easily noting any overlaps across service points. Staff (and admins) can also:

  • Print their schedules
  • Export & Save a spreadsheet outlining their upcoming shifts
  • Feed staff schedules into Outlook, Google Calendars, Yahoo, etc…
  • Feed a service point’s schedule into Outlook, Google Calendars, Yahoo, etc…
  • Email Reminders! Send schedules to all or selected staff right from within the system!

Detailed Reports & Statistics

Create on-demand reports for immediate decision-making. Use Reports & Statistics during staff evaluations, too.

  • Filter by date, service point, or staff member
  • Reports on Scheduled and Unfilled shifts
  • Reports on Time-Off Requests
  • Time-Off requests can be filtered by Status & Category too!
  • Print-friendly and Excel export options for reports

Easy To Use & Feature-Rich Scheduling Solution

LibStaffer was designed with you - the librarian - in mind. Staff and service scheduling for librarians, student assistants & volunteers is a time-consuming and error-prone task. With LibStaffer it doesn't have to be, so give it a try and discover a better way to schedule staff and service points.

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