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Take Your LibGuides to the Next Level and Manage Library Content Like a Pro.

Managing Content Couldn't Be Easier - With LibGuides CMS

LibGuides CMS takes your LibGuides to the next level. It builds upon the base LibGuides platform to make managing large amounts of content and users a breeze - everything from access restrictions, to user permissions, REST-ful APIs, granular customization options, surveys/forms tool, etc.

Groups for Better Organization of Content

Organize related guides into Groups with their own look & feel, access permissions, etc. By organizing guides into Groups you can help patrons find relevant content easier, and on the back-end Groups help with managing large amounts of content and many users.

Access Controls (by IP ranges, Passwords, etc.)

Limit access (via IP ranges or passwords) to certain content inside your LibGuides CMS system. Access limits can apply to Groups, to individual guides or to the system as a whole. As an added bonus, LibGuides CMS users can password-protect individual documents inside Guides.

Customize Individual Guides (Look & Feel, Discussion Boards, etc.)

Fully customizable individual guides - everything from headers/footers to full templates. But, admins can lock down this feature if they want a uniform look in the system.
LibGuides CMS also adds a discussion board functionality for each guide in the system.

RESTful, Realtime, Secure APIs

Pull any piece of content from your LibGuides CMS and display it on any website, using our RESTful realtime APIs. Having programmatic access to any and all content stored in your LibGuides system enables for limitless possibilities in leveraging and reusing your LibGuides data for maximum exposure.

Enhanced A-Z Database Management

Librarian Reviews

Share a more detailed description of databases and offer tips and tricks for using them. Librarian reviews give patrons additional qualitative info on library's database offerings.

User Ratings of Databases

Enable patrons to rate databases they find most useful. Ratings from their peers help patrons pick the right databases for their research projects.

Database Peer Comparisons

Compare your database holdings with those of other libraries in our community. Perform peer comparisons based on a subject category or database title.

Surveys and Forms... Anywhere

Create surveys and customized forms in a snap - and they’re reusable, too, just like all of the other content in the system! Customize the forms, look & feel, visibility dates, access (password), decide who receives notifications of submissions, and more. Ready to share? Provide a link or embed them in your guides or any other webpage.

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Info Literacy Assessment

Create guides for Information Literacy programs at your library, and embed your assessment surveys and quizzes right within these guides. Get instant and tabulated results!

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Formal Feedback and Satisfaction Surveys

Collect formal feedback about library programs and services, about guides, collect feedback about special events, patron suggestions, etc.

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Forms for Faculty, Students

Create Appointment Request Forms, Course Reserves Forms, Library Instruction Session Requests, Collection Development Forms, etc.

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Forms for Library Departments

Create forms for Interlibrary Loan or any department which needs online forms. Also create forms for internal library workflow and processes.

"Springshare is a phenomenal company with products and people that can’t be beat. With LibGuides CMS and LibCal we have everything we need – an amazing website, organized library guides, calendars for our hours and events, and more forms and feedback than we could ever use."
Joli McClelland
Queens University of Charlotte
Springshare Client Since 2009

Additional Statistics and Search Options in LibGuides CMS

LibGuides CMS gives you even more details about how your system is used. It does so by providing reports on sessions, browser / OS breakdowns, query spy, and referrer information .

  • Session-Based Reporting. How many sessions were generated per day, per month, etc.
  • Browser/OS/Mobile Breakdown. Which devices are your visitors using when accessing your LibGuides?
  • Search Query Spy. What are your visitors searching for in LibGuides, and are they finding the information they need?
  • Referrer Information. Where are the visitors coming from when landing on LibGuides pages?

List of All LibGuides CMS Features

Below is a comprehensive list of LibGuides CMS-only features. For any questions regarding this list, please contact us.

  • Granular user permissions - spell out in detail what each user can and cannot do in the system
  • Access restrictions for content - by IP ranges or password, on a system, group, or guide level
  • Groups functionality for better organization/management. Each Group has its own look and feel
  • Granular publishing workflows - admins can decide which users can review and publish guides
  • Optional password protection for Documents and Files uploaded to LibGuides CMS
  • Large file size limits for document uploads (20MB vs LibGuides 10MB)
  • Full customization of Guides Look & Feel (can be disabled by admins wishing uniform look)
  • Optional discussion boards for each guide
  • More fine-tuned publishing controls (specific users who review guides before they are published, etc.)
  • Enhanced A-Z Database management, including ratings & reviews, best bets, and trial databases
  • Compare your E-Database holdings with those of peer institutions
  • Surveys & Forms module functionality
  • Improved statistics gathering and reporting (browser/os/mobile, sessions, referrers)
  • Search Query Spy - see all search queries entered by users inside your LibGuides CMS system
  • Real-time RESTful API, including secure protocol (https) access

Is LibGuides CMS a better choice for your library?

We'd love to chat with you about your website and your web publishing needs, and how LibGuides CMS may help you streamline and improve your web presence. So, send us a note and let's start the conversation.

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