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When we discussed the calendaring needs with our clients, they all told us: managing hours, events, and calendars is a pain... So we built just the right amount of features to make it easy for libraries to get stuff done and enable patrons to view calendars, booking, and event information online. Everything in LibCal is point-and-click, and no special training or tech knowledge is required in order to manage the system.

Calendar of Events Features

Multiple Event Calendars
Multiple Event Calendars

Build public calendars of programs, classes, presentations, and more — or internal calendars for staff use only.

Categorize Events
Categorize Events for Easier Search

Assign one or more custom categories to events to display or find events by type, audience, or purpose.

Customizable Registration Forms
Customizable Registration Forms

Enable event registration when you need it, with forms that you create and customize to gather the data you need for each event.

Require Registration
Limit Registrations, Add Waiting Lists

Limit the number of registrants and enable waiting lists so if one person cancels the next one on the list gets automatically registered.

Embed Calendars Everywhere
Embed Calendars Everywhere

Place full/mini calendars or links to upcoming events in LibGuides - or on any websites where users will see them.

Automatic Stats Collection
Automatic Stats Collection

Gather detailed statistics on all aspects of events, including registrations, actual attendance, and more.

Easy Registration Management

LibCal’s sophisticated and flexible registration option lets you keep track of and communicate with everyone who’s attending your events. You choose, for each event, whether to require registration or not.

Registration Enabled Screen

Check off the “Registration required” box and you can:

Limit the number of people who can sign up.
Customize the registration form to collect whatever information you need.
Set closing times for registration before each event.

Enable a waiting list if the limit is reached. (If one person cancels, the next person on the list gets automatically registered and notified.)
Email all registrants — before or after the event. (e.g. send pre-session instructions, post-session follow-ups, or links to a feedback survey.)

Sample LibCal Event Registration Form

Sample LibCal Event Registration Form

"The SpringShare products are easy to customize and provide a set of features that make it simple to do so. Our experience with the support and development team has been one of ease and enjoyment."
Rob Nunez
Emerging Technologies Librarian
Springshare Client Since 2008

Room Bookings Features

LibCal’s Room Booking functionality makes it easy for your users to reserve library spaces and rooms online. No more room sign-up sheets and messy binders! Upload images of your rooms, set rules, create custom registration forms and see booking statistics in real time. Better scheduling is just a click away!

Point-and-Click Reservations (in Mobile Devices too)

Users can quickly browse through the available rooms, read descriptions, locations, and book the room from any web-enabled device - a computer, tablet, or a smartphone. Your patrons will love the ease with which they can reserve rooms, and your library spaces will get more usage - a winning combo!

Define Groups of Rooms or Individual Rooms

Bundle similar rooms in Groups, for easier management and bookings. Establish policies for each Group or for individual Rooms - upload room images, set them as public or private, set mediation rules... we thought of everything. Really, we did!

Detailed Statistics on Usage of Rooms

Room Booking Stats will show you the details of your Rooms usage over time, and all the data that you collected in your custom forms, too. Do you know which of your study rooms is the most popular? With Room Bookings you will have definitive proof!

Online Appointment Scheduling Made Easy

LibCal’s My Scheduler feature allows your community to connect with your librarians and schedule in-person appointments. You get the ease of scheduling an appointment at their convenience combined with the benefit of an in-person consultation with information experts. What could be better?

  • Set up availability times, min/max appointment durations, and padding between appointments
  • Customize the registration form to get the information you need prior to the appointment
  • Users get automatic (customized) email confirmation when the appointment is booked
  • Embed My Scheduler widgets on any webpage, inside your LibGuides profile boxes, etc.
  • Feed My Scheduler booked appointments into into Outlook, Yahoo or Google Calendars, and more
  • Get detailed statistics on the # of booked appointments, duration, # of cancellations, etc.

Opening/Closing Hours Functionality

Define open/closed hours for your library (or multiple libraries, departments, desks, etc.) and distribute them via widgets and API. This way your users always have up-to-date, real-time information on whether a library or a specific department/desk is open.

Create Templates, Manage Multiple Locations

Simplify the process of inputting hours by creating templates for Standard Hours, Summer Hours, Holiday Hours, and more! Include multiple locations and departments.

Google Maps Integration, Additional Info...

Show the map and directions to the library via Google Maps integration. Add in descriptions, contact information and even policy footnotes so your users see all info in one place.

Display Hours Info Anywhere with Widgets & API

Embed your daily, weekly, monthly "library hours" widgets anywhere with simple point-and-click operation. Use our API functions to programatically pull the hours data and use it anywhere else.

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