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The Market-leading Reference Platform. Ensure Patrons Get Their Answers - Always.

Fully Customizable Chat System For Online Reference

LibChat enables real-time chat with librarians - on your Website, LibGuides, Courseware, Discovery tool, Catalog...anywhere. Our unique widget builder lets you create different widgets for different use-case scenarios. Full Integration with LibAnswers FAQ/Knowledge Base means patrons can find answers thru LibChat even when librarians are offline.

Customize Initial Questions

Allow users to be anonymous, or require info such as name or patron id, status (student, visitor, staff, faculty, etc.) - LibChat makes it easy to customize the information you want to collect.

Support for Multiple Queues

Define separate queues/departments and different librarians can monitor different queues - or have a single librarian monitoring multiple queues. LibChat has a queue management functionality built right-in.

No Operator? No problem!

Need to walk away from the ref desk for a bit? Add a custom offline message and embed your LibAnswers knowledge base in your widget, and connect your patrons to more help even when you're away.

Different Widget Types for Different Uses

LibChat widgets are fully customizable in terms of look and feel and the functionality. Create as many different widgets as needed to suit the particular service need. All LibChat widgets feed into the same operator console.

  • In-page widgets
  • Button pop-up widgets
  • Slide-out Widgets (from left or from right)
  • Slide from the bottom widgets

Archived Transcripts, Chat Ratings, and Full Statistics

Archived Chat Transcripts

Use LibChat's archived transcripts to analyze the usage patterns, to monitor the service for quality control, or as a training tool when training new operators and reference librarians. Save, search, and retrieve archived chat transcripts - all with LibChat.

Chat Ratings - Learn What Patrons Think

Patron can rate each chat and also provide any additional qualitative feedback to the librarian. Using fun smiley-face rating scale encourages the users to leave feedback, telling you what your users think and how to further improve the chat experience.

Full Chat Statistics

Just like all other Springshare tools, LibChat provides real-time statistics so you can see exactly how your chat service is being used. What are the busy periods, how many concurrent chats you have, what does the daily, weekly, monthly distribution look like... LibChat provides a wealth of statistics reports.

Thousands of libraries use LibAnswers w/LibChat to connect with users online and answer questions - whenever and wherever. Start your trial today and experience the full power of Springshare's market-leading reference platform.

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