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Many Features to Extend the Reach of Your Reference

LibAnswers has everything you need to offer an effective online reference service. Best of all, everything in LibAnswers is point-and-click so you don't need to spend time learning yet another new library system. Integration with other Springshare Apps means you will feel right at home using LibAnswers. And, if questions do pop up - our legendary support crew is always there to help you.

  • Set up Queues for all library departments - Reference, Archives, Circulation, etc.
  • Route questions to different queues ensuring the patrons get the most expert answers!
  • Organize FAQ and Knowledge Base entries into groups, for logical content organization
  • Create as many FAQ groups as you need
  • Assign any number of email addresses to LibAnswers & the system pulls the emails in for you.
  • Respond to reference emails right from the Dashboard, with all emails organized by threads
  • Route emails to different queues/users and collaborate with LibAnswers colleagues when answering questions.
  • Customize email templates and signatures for each user and/or each email reference queue
  • Each institution gets their own local phone number for TXT messaging.
  • Operators get new TXT notifications on any LibAnswers screen and within LibChat widget as well.
  • SMS keywords enable patrons to get automatic responses to common questions like hours, fines, parking, etc.
  • Full Twitter integration so questions sent via Twitter can be answered from the LibAnswers dashboard
  • Any patron-identifiable information is securely stored in our database and is only viewable by logged librarians and admins.
  • Phone numbers from SMS messages are never displayed anywhere.
  • The system can purge patron information from the database as often as you'd like

Customizable Look & Feel, Responsive Mobile-Friendly Design

LibAnswers platform look & feel is fully customizable, to match the branding of your institution's website. You also get a free custom domain mapping so the system will have your institution's domain - yet continue to be hosted on Springshare's servers.

Fully Customize the Look

You can fully customize the look - everything from colors, banners, to full templates. With full customization, LibAnswers becomes a natural extension of your institution's website and going back and forth for your web visitors will be seamless.

Responsive Out of the Box

The LibAnswers platform uses Bootstrap responsive web framework so the system looks good no matter the device - desktops, small ultrabooks, tablets, smartphones... so you don't need to do anything special or buy extra tools to make your online reference service mobile and tablet-friendly.

QuerySpy - Monitor FAQ Activity in Real Time

Monitor the knowledge base search activity in real time! For every search performed the system shows time stamp, user's IP, their search query/question and the outcome. You can review & even add "question not submitted" entries to your knowledge base with just one click!

The QuerySpy feature is an incredibly useful tool enabling you to fine-tune your knowledge base to ensure more successful matches.

Detailed Statistics and Reference Analytics Functionality

You can integrate your LibAnswers system into LibGuides with a click of a button. Furthermore, LibAnswers content is displayed in LibGuides search and vice versa. Embedding LibAnswers widgets into your webapps and websites is simple as well - a one line javascript code takes care of it all.

Detailed Real-Time Statistics

LibAnswers provides a wealth of reports on every aspect of your reference activity. View the total # of questions, and the total # of hits in the knowledge base. Get the breakdown of question sources, get hourly/daily/monthly distributions. You can export reports into Excel, too.

Chat Activity Reports

What are the busiest periods in a day or in a week? Are patrons satisfied with the answers/service they receive? How many times did they log on? Where are the visitors coming from (referrers)? Get all these answers, and more through our detailed LibChat Statistics and Activity Reports. More LibChat features.

Reference Analytics Module Included

The Reference Analytics module lets you record *all* reference transactions (online or in person) in LibAnswers. Produce detailed reports and charts for any combination of input values. You get a complete view of your reference service usage patterns, which comes in really handy when preparing year-end reports.

Integrated READ Scale

We received permission from the READ scale creator, Dr. Bella Karr Gerlich, to integrate the READ scale into Reference Analytics. For every reference transaction, the librarian can also record the READ score, and then run full statistics on READ score results. READ scale descriptions can be customized by each institution.

We're Adding New Features All The Time

Just like with all other apps, we are continuously adding new features to LibAnswers. Our amazing user community sends us excellent ideas so we add dozens of useful features every year. Our hosted SaaS model gives you the benefit of having these new features as soon as they are pushed to production servers.

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