LibAnalytics Insight

Analytics Platform for Libraries. Gather Statistics, Analyze Trends, Assess Services.

Aggregate and Analyze Library Statistics & Usage Data

LibAnalytics simplifies Data Collection and Management by providing a single platform to store and analyze all library data and usage statistics. Run cross-Dataset Analysis, do Peer Comparisons, and generate Actionable Reports.

  • E-Journals & Database Usage
  • Gate Counts
  • Circulation & Acquisition Statistics
  • Interlibrary Loan Activity
  • Library Expenditures & Revenues
  • NCES Statistics
  • Reference Statistics
  • Custom-defined Datasets

Easy to Use, Customizable Dashboards

Create shareable custom dashboards providing a broad overview of the library's metrics. Dashboards can be used internally, or you can create public-facing dashboards to give your community a real-time insight into the usage of their library's services.

An Invaluable Assessment Tool

An effective assessment requires combining data from various "information silos" to get the full picture. You need your data to talk to each other. How does circulation compare to gate counts? How are usage trends related to changes in patron population? Does teaching more Instruction Classes lead to higher E-Journal/Database usage? Are circulation counts proportionally related to E-Resource usage? Cross-Dataset Analytics enables effective assessment and helps demonstrate the ROI and the value of the library to the community.

"We’re in an assessment crunch right now, and being able to easily store IRB data helps a lot. Using LibAnalytics for this has saved our department a lot of time and hassle."
Greg Sigountos, Instructional Resource and Production Specialist
Asbury Theological Seminary

View Trends, Do Peer Comparisons, Make Data-Driven Decisions

LibAnalytics Insight gives you the tools to make smarter Data-Driven Decisions based on data and usage.
Trends Analysis and Peer Comparisons allow you to put your data and statistics to good use.

Generate 2, 3, 5, and 10 year Trends reports for each Dataset. See percentage differences on an annual basis for each variable, and follow trends over periods of time.
Compare your statistics with other members of LibAnalytics community. Run peer-comparisons on custom groups (consortia), Carnegie Classification, or on geographical location.
Gather duplicate journals data, cost-per download info, circulation statistics, compare costs... LibAnalytics Insight gives you hard data you need to decide how to best spend your budget dollars.
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