LibAnalytics Insight Features

Everything You Need to Organize and Analyze All Service & Usage Statistics

E-Journals & Databases Analytics

Get the full picture of the usage and effectiveness of your E-journals and database subscriptions.

  • Cost analysis: total costs, cost-per-download, etc.
  • Usage-based reports: total, database-level & journal-level
  • Reports on journal duplicates across platforms
  • Most Popular and Zero-Use Reports for journals
  • Peer & Community comparisons
  • Multi-year Trend Analysis: costs, cost-per-downl., usage, etc.
  • Many more E-Journals and Databases custom analytics reports

Circulation & Acquisitions Analytics

Slice and dice your Circulation and Acquisitions data to get the full picture of how your holdings circulate.

  • Custom Circulation report filters (patron type, location, etc.)
  • Cross Tab reports on any circulation variables and parameters
  • Circulation by LC Subject headings
  • Multi-year Circulation trends analysis
  • Peer comparisons by totals, by LC Subject headings, etc.
  • Custom Acquisition report filters (fund code, location, etc.)
  • Acquisitions by LC Subject headings
  • Acquisitions cross-tab reports on any two variables
  • Multi-year trend reports for Acquisitions

Gate Counts Analytics

Get a complete picture of your library's foot traffic. Use the Gate Count info in combination with other Datasets to analyze the relationship between the "virtual" and "physical" library services.

  • Track Gate Counts for an individual library or multiple libraries
  • Run Hourly, Daily, or Monthly foot traffic reports
  • Multi-year trends reports (per library or all libraries)
  • Peer and community comparisons

Expenditure & Revenue Analytics

Track and analyze any financial indicators for a full picture of expenditures and revenues. Run full budget analysis, follow annual trends for any individual line items, and perform community comparisons.

Analyze Library Expenditures

Define expenditure line items and produce reports on total expenditures, individual items, or perform peer comparisons.

Multi-Year Trends

Analyze multi-year trends for any individual line items. Compare growth percentages, absolute differences, view charts or tabular data, etc.

Analyze Income Categories

Track and analyze income categories in LibAnalytics Insight and produce year-over-year and annual trend comparisons.

ILL/Borrowing Analytics, NCES Stats, & Custom Datasets Too

LibAnalytics Insight offers many additional Datasets to store and analyze statistics - everything from Interlibrary Loan stats to Reference, Instruction, etc. Create your own Datasets with customized fields for your own needs. LibAnalytics Insight is a flexible platform that stores any type of Library-related statistics and usage data.

  • ILL/Borrowing Analytics
  • NCES Data Analytics
  • Instructional Data Analytics
  • Reference Services Analytics
  • Custom Datasets for special needs

Mix-and-Match Data with Cross-Dataset Analytics

LibAnalytics Insight can mix and match variables from different Datasets, to give you a more complete view of your data.

Compare up to 4 variables from any Dataset, to gain an understanding of their relationship and see how the change in one variable impacts the others.

Easily produce cross-Dataset tables and charts with multi-year trends.

This feature gives you an unprecedented insight into your Library's data.

Point-and-Click Dashboard Creator

Create dashboards for your staff, administrators, or for the public. Interactive charts let users dynamically change input parameters and redraw charts on the fly. Dashboards and charts can be shared or embedded on any webpage.

LibAnalytics Insight is an affordable, easy-to-use analytics platform to aggregate and organize all library statistics in one place. It enables more effective analysis of library services, helps librarians make data-driven decisions, and produces hard evidence of the library's value to the community.

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